Patient Testimonials

My body hasn't felt better since I started visiting Dr. Seibert! I am so happy that I went in on a whim. They take care of you, they listen to you and they work with you to address all of your pains. I strongly recommend Seibert Chiropractic to any one that has foot pain, headaches, back aches, etc! - Raiden B.

So amazing! After telling the office about my decision to train for a sprint Triathlon their first response is we are here to make sure this happens, injury and pain free. Came in this morning not at my best but by the time my appointment was over and I stood back up and I immediately felt 100% again. Loose and pain free. Would definitely recommend this place to everyone!! Kaelen D.

Dr Seibert and her staff are amazing!!! My entire family has been coming here for over 8 years. She’s great with pregnancy, babies, kids of all ages. Very knowledgeable. She has helped my heal many aches and injuries. Sharon T.

I could barely walk before lots of pain Nearly perfect now Doctor Seibert is the best! Mike R.

Dr. Seibert helped me get new custom inserts for foot support after my pregnancy. I’m so happy that I can use them in any shoe and dont have to read sneaker descriptions and reviews for hours on end deciding which are best for me. I also bought a pair of custom flip-flips that have the same amount of support - and are actually cute! Check out Seibert for a thorough chiropractic exam and treatment plan! James C.

Very nice office. I went to a chiropractor after may be 20 some years. Now I liked the way they analyze the problem. The first one was about little more than an hour and after that it takes barely 10 minutes. I would like if improvement is discussed a little more after treatment. There is back to back appointments so doctor is busy. I feel better after leaving the Place but next day or after I feel the pain is the same. Asha A.